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Caring for Your Dental Implant Restoration After Traumatic Injury

As noted in our previous blog post, dental implants can often be an excellent treatment option for patients who have experienced sudden tooth loss due to a traumatic injury. Though they can potentially offer permanent results, crowns or other restorations secured by dental implants need to be cared for just as you would your natural teeth in order to ensure they maintain optimal form and function.

After receiving dental implant restorations, you can help maintain their long-term health by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth. Dr. Colin Morton also recommends using a water flosser or oral irrigation tool to prevent plaque from accumulating. An antibacterial mouth rinse and interproximal brush can also help clean in between your dental implant restoration and natural teeth. Cleanliness is important since lackluster oral hygiene can eventually lead to potentially severe dental issues, such as periodontal disease, that can compromise the security and efficacy of your dental implant.

Dr. Morton also advises against using your teeth as a tool to open objects, as this can crack or break your restoration (as well as your natural teeth!). Additionally, you should avoid buying toothpaste with abrasive ingredients like baking soda since it can damage the surface of your restoration. Of course, regularly scheduled dental appointments for teeth cleanings and routine care can help maintain the health of your dental implant restoration.

Ultimately, eventual wear and tear as well as unforeseen factors like another traumatic injury to the teeth may require the need for your dental implant to be refurbished or even replaced. For this reason, we want to emphasize how important it is to choose the right dentist from the start in order to help ensure your dental implant restoration is properly placed and managed for optimal results.

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