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At the dental practice of Colin Morton, DDS, our goal is to provide outstanding dental care and achieve beautiful, healthy smiles in a welcoming environment. Judging from our patients’ testimonials, we have succeeded. If you need treatment for a dental problem or an aesthetic flaw, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist. We look forward to providing dentistry that exceeds your expectations.

Dr. Morton,

As you know I was involved in a terrible motor cycle accident in March of 2009. I received some very bad injuries. My face and teeth were broken and shattered. I was very depressed and found it hard to believe I would ever get better. I was fortunate though to have 3 fine doctors, who put me back together. One of those people was Dr. Morton who repaired my teeth and I was able to smile proudly again. He worked on me many times and his skill, kindness, and interest helped me get back from a very dark place. The work he did was amazing and I just couldn’t believe that he saved my teeth and gave me confidence once again. I want to thank you Dr. Morton for caring and using the skill that God gave you, to help me.


Dear Dr. Morton,

Just wanted to thank you so much for “squeezing me” into your schedule yesterday. I was told you were still recuperating from a hernia operation! You can just imagine my surprise and distraught when my FRONT TOOTH CAP just “disappeared” from my mouth while eating my lunch! Your entire staff was so supportive of my predicament!!! You all helped turn around my miserable situation into a positive experience. My temporary cap is beautiful and I can now eat and smile like a human being!

With much appreciation,
Sue Ann

Dear Dr. Morton & Staff,

Thank you so much for my free “pre-nuptial” cleaning. That was a very nice surprise! At a time when I am in the midst of wedding planning and living on a very tight budget, that thoughtful and generous gift couldn’t have come at a better time.

I have been coming to your office for 30+ years, first as a patient of Dr. Rosell. I absolutely loved Dr. Rosell and thought his shoes were impossible to fill, but he assured me that he had done extensive research and he was certain that he had found the right replacement. From day one, I was confident that he had made a great decision. The transition was seamless and I continue to be so happy with you–Dr. Morton and his wonderful team. All of you are so kind, caring, and thoughtful. Thank you for providing me with pleasant dental experiences over the years. Keep smiling 🙂

With warmest regards,

I just wanted to thank you for seeing Casey so soon… her mom called our office bragging about…the quality of treatment you provided. Once again, it’s a pleasure to work with high-end clinicians.


Dr. Morton and to All Your Co-workers:

As you know, I’ve had major dental work requiring numerous visits. It is my pleasure to offer compliments to you and those who work with you. I never felt “alone,” the dental work was pain free and I’m impressed with the working relationship in your office. More like visiting friends than going to the dentist!!


Dear Dr. Morton,

I welcome the opportunity to express my satisfaction with your services. They definitely have exceeded my expectations.

I was impressed in the initial consultation when I was taken to a private office to discuss my dental history and to ask questions about the services I was seeking. I was pleased that the cost of each procedure was disclosed and that I was offered the opportunity to discuss third-party financing options with a staff member, privately. I found the Dental Plan, where the suggested treatment for each tooth is listed along with the cost of the procedure, to be very useful in managing my dental care and dental costs.

The cosmetic work that Dr. Morton did on my front teeth is perfect. I was very specific about what I wanted done and he provided exactly what I asked for. The teeth he crowned are on either side of my two front teeth and you can’t tell that they are not my own natural teeth. He matched the color perfectly and created a shape that blends with my own teeth. When the permanent crowns that came back from the lab weren’t exactly right in shape and color, he sent them back as many times as necessary until both he and I were completely satisfied.

Dr. Morton has placed many restorations and crowns on my teeth and they feel and look natural. They’re comfortable, they’re functional, and they don’t look different from my own teeth.

What is most impressive about Dr. Morton’s practice is that he and everyone on his staff care so much not only that the work is done right, but that the patient is comfortable during the process. Every aspect of the office is geared to making the patient as comfortable as possible. Coffee and cake are provided in the waiting room where you never really “wait.” Today’s newspaper is on the coffee table. There are magazines (current ones!) and books to borrow. While you’re in the dentist chair, you can choose a video to watch – with or without headphones – and you are offered a blanket. If the procedure takes a long time, you get to take a break, use the rest room or stretch your legs. The receptionist makes every effort to find you a convenient appointment, even scheduling back-to-back appointments with the dentist and the hygienist, when possible.

Please feel free to share my testimonial. I would be happy to show any prospective patient the cosmetic dentistry that you did on my teeth.


Every time I come into Dr. Morton’s office and every time I speak with his staff on the phone, they are always genuinely glad to see or hear from me. Office visits are, without exception, as pleasant as possible and all procedures have been conducted with the utmost professionalism.


Dr. Morton has provided me with dental care unlike that which I’ve ever known. He is sensitive to the needs of the patient, unusually so. I’ve had two onlays already and correction of a problem created by another dentist. Quite to the point: I cannot praise Dr. Morton and his entire staff enough for their sincerity and professionalism.


I used to take one bite of meat and it would get wedged between my two back teeth. It was extremely annoying. One of these teeth became cracked and Dr. Morton repaired it. He did a terrific job with the repair and food no longer gets caught between these teeth.


I am not a good dental patient and I had to have quite a bit of work done. Dr. Morton worked on me using completely painless anesthesia [while I enjoyed] music and videos. The whole experience was very good. I love the new crowns across the top front. He made them so perfectly that no one can tell they’re not my own teeth. I have been very pleased with Dr. Morton and his staff.


A pleasure to recommend.
Informative consultation.
Latest dental techniques.
Skilled dentistry.
Good educational videos.
Competent and pleasant staff.
On time appointments.
Nice interior and exterior view.
More progressive dental care than I received in NYC.
*Very comfortable dental chairs!


My experience with the office staff and the dental assistants and Dr. Morton, DDS, was one of the best dental experiences that I have ever had. I have been to the dentist for many years of my life and this experience was painless and calming


Greetings from sunny and warm Florida. It’s great to be back here in winter, after a cold, snowy December in Clifton Park. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the new implanted tooth you inserted in December. It’s like the tooth was never gone. Thanks to you and Dr. Bulford, I have a fully “chewable” upper left row of teeth in my mouth. It was about as painless a process as I have ever undergone.

Hope you and your office staff have a great “chewable” winter. I know I will. See you in May.


My 86-year-old mother experienced a terrible tooth ache which, upon examination, required a root canal. Dr. Morton and his staff comforted and reassured her before the procedure, which he performed without any discomfort to my sensitive mother. That evening, we received a follow-up phone call from him inquiring about her condition and answering any additional questions. This quality of care was truly caring and compassionate.


Dear Colin & Team,

You did a great job for me. It’s hard for me to express in words what I want to say, however, I once heard it said that:

“The person who works with his hands is a laborer.
The person who works with his hands and mind is a craftsman.
But the person who works with his hands, mind and heart is an artist”

Thanks for performing dental artistry on me. I believe I could not have been in better hands.

Continued Blessings to you all. Gratefully Yours,

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