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TMJ Disorder and Treatment Overview

Problems with the temporomandibular joint are often referred to as TMJ disorders. If you think you may have this condition, review the following frequently asked questions to learn more about causes, symptoms, and treatment options. How common are TMJ Disorders? And estimated 1 in 10 people have symptoms in their jaw joint at some time in their lives. Out of ...
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Many people have issues with their smile that they would like to correct – maybe their teeth seem too dull or maybe there is a prominent gap in their smile. Typically a single cosmetic or restorative dental treatment can be used to correct problems of this nature. But what about those smiles that have several issues – what can be ...
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Smile makeovers are achieved through customized treatment plans that include several cosmetic dentistry procedures that work together to transform your smile. Whatever your dental concern, a smile makeover may be the solution that helps you achieve a breathtaking new smile. Enhancing Your Smile A smile makeover can correct cracks, chips, discoloration, crooked teeth, missing teeth, visible fillings, misaligned bites, flawed ...
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